Victoria Roussel

I’m an independent painter from France, living in Sweden. How I ended up here is longer story than this header will allow, but as far as my painting style goes, it’s a lot of color and ranges from abstract illustrations to more “realistic” interpretation of animals. I usually paint on canvas because I love the way a frameless painting just owns the wall!


Sign up for an inspirational art workshop were you will be painting together with me. Just bring a rough idea on what you want to paint and I will help you bring it to life. The workshop is best suitable as a group activity but can also be arranged as a private lesson. My workshop is also highly suitable for businesses as a team activity, either a massive new painting for the office or something for each attendant to bring home.


Since art is one of my passions, I tend to stack up on a couple of paintings I have done over time. When I reach an excessive amount (or run out of space on my walls) I put them up for sale in my webshop. Head on over to my Gallery and see if you find something interesting.


Linköping, Sweden

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